January 19, 2022 | Advisory


Sustainable Employment Commitment Measure - Ordinance No. 38/2022 of 17 January

An ordinance was published new incentive for permanent employment of the unemployed and young people that can reach 11.168 euros per worker.

The Sustainable Employment Commitment is presented as an exceptional and transitory measure and consists of an incentive for the permanent hiring of unemployed persons registered at the Instituto do Emprego e da Formação Profissional, IP, substantiating:

– Financial support for hiring; and
– Financial support for the payment of Social Security contributions.

This support can be combined with measures to encourage employment of a fiscal or quasi-fiscal nature.

There are no ongoing applications yet, but companies must analyze the requirements of this Support. And as you can also see in the Information Sheet, the employment contract can be concluded before submitting the application, provided that it is later than the registration of the planned job offer (job offer registration, on the https://iefponline.iefp.pt).

See here the information sheet of the Sustainable Employment Commitment Measure.

For more information contact:
Paulo Farinha - paul.flour@dfk.com.pt