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TAX ALERT 12 | Guaranteed minimum monthly salary for 2024

Decree-Law No. 107/2023, of November 17, was approved, which determines the increase in the national minimum wage to 820 euros from January 1, 2024, in compliance with the commitments made by the Government with social partners within the scope of the…

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TAX ALERT 11 | Update of currency devaluation coefficients for 2023

Ordinance No. 340/2023 was published, which provides for the annual updating of currency devaluation coefficients, for the purposes of monetary correction of the acquisition values ​​of certain goods and rights. The coefficients now published are applicable in the calculation…

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Tax Benefits 2023 – Companies

The end of another economic year is approaching. It is time, therefore, to ensure that any tax benefits applicable to the economic reality of each company can be taken advantage of and reflected in income tax estimates for 2023. Therefore,…

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To the highest quality standards, we add a preference for proximity, and a stable and cohesive team.

In Portugal we have a team of around 40 employees in the different business areas where we operate. We have been operating since 1997 and have been integrated into DFK International since 1999 as member firm.
We have a senior team with long-lasting and trusting relationships with our customers, which has allowed us to have a very relevant added value due to our knowledge of the activity sectors and organizations that we are proud to serve.

DFK is proud to have a highly competent team in the different areas of the qualified professional services it provides, capable of responding to the management challenges of the companies and organizations it works with.
The teams are specialized in the main service areas: Audit & Assurance, Tax, Advisory.

Audit &




DFK International is a global association of independent auditing and consulting firms with more than 450 offices and approximately 14 professionals worldwide.

DFK International is part of the top 10 independent international associations of firms, auditing, outsourcing and business advisors.

Each member firm of DFK International is an independent legal entity in its own country and no partnership, implied or otherwise, exists between the firms based on their affiliation with DFK International.

The DFK International network is part member firms eccorresponding members, independent of each other, which are grouped into three regions, and in some cases into national groups, with the aim of promoting collaboration and developing the practices of the network members through the exchange of knowledge for the benefit of the quality of service provided to customers. This international network brings together first-rate professional services companies that for over 60 years have sought to respond to the needs of their clients.

Management practices, technical knowledge are shared, and working groups with specific interests, seminars, trainings and events are organized to develop specialized skills.


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DFK International World Statistics 2022

DFK International is one of the world's leading associations of independent accounting, legal, tax and business advisory firms, bringing together top-rated professional service firms to enable them to provide outstanding services to their clients. The association has been helping its Member Firms meet the needs of clients with international business interests for more than 60 years. Member Firms are chosen for the quality of service they provide in terms of both technical competence and service delivery.