Reporting by DFK
> Reporting by DFK
We have the ambition to contribute to improving
the effectiveness of accountability in Portugal.
In this context, DFK, in partnership with LA Innovatis, developed a standard solution via the web that allows managers, accountants, auditors and management controllers, among other users, to automatically and simply produce annual or interim accountability documents through the solutions DPC (Account Rendering Documents) and DFC (Cash Flow Documents) and a management control solution called SIG that allows you to carry out management control on a monthly basis.

Map accounts to Rubrics
of the Financial Statements


Easy Installation and Setup

A ready-to-use solution with a simple and intuitive interface

SAFT import

Importation of the company's accounting and invoicing in just a few steps

Accountability Documents

Includes annex to the financial statements and Excel to support the accounts

Exclusive analysis templates and maps

Balance sheets, income statement, expenses, debt, sales, margins, profitability, liquidity, financing, among others.

> DPC File | excel

Excel file with the maps of the financial statements and respective notes.

Depending on the applicable regulations, the file has parts of the financial statements such as the balance sheet, the income statement, the statement of changes in equity and the statement of cash flows (in a separate file) with comparisons with the previous year and the respective notes with detail in terms of balances on the balance sheet.
> DPC File | Word

Word file with the annex to the financial statements according to the applicable SNC regulations, NCRF, NCRF PE and NCRF ME

The Reporting word suggests annex to the accounts with the Entity's identification, the applicable accounting standards, the main accounting policies, the maps of the financial statements with reference to the notes. This attachment makes it possible to optimize a significant percentage of the work that is done manually.
> GIS file

A standard Management control solution developed in Excel based on SAFT Accounting files and therefore applicable to all entities that use the SNC-NCRF accounting standards.

A Financial Reporting tool that automatically imports transactions from accounting software in order to produce useful information for accountants, management controllers and analysts in order to allow management reports within the familiar Excel context.

SIG imports data directly from the accounting SAFT file and transforms it into a powerful management tool that allows you to assess your company's economic and financial evolution on a monthly basis.

> Advantages

Management control from SAFT files


Customized management reports


Compatibility with SNC-NCRF


Reduction of production times for dedication to information analysis


Automatic generation of monthly reports


Low cost tool and high efficiency and productivity


Analysis of the main economic and financial indicators


Control of totals to ensure compliance with accounting trial balances


Audit tool to identify errors or omissions in records

> Features

We created an analysis model
whose main maps are as follows.

Monthly balance sheet evolution

Monthly evolution of the income statement

Monthly evolution of general expenses

Monthly evolution of personnel expenses

Monthly evolution of debt and financial charges


Comparative data with the previous year

All maps have a comparison with the same period of the previous year

Comparative data with operating budget

Possibility to insert and in a few steps compare the data with the operating budget

Analysis of the main indicators (KPI)

Development of a battery of radios:

  • sales and margins
  • Profitability
  • Operational
  • management
  • Financing

> Templates DFK 2023

Download the free DFK Accountability Templates for the 2023 financial year

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