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DFK and FNWay created a team specialized in monitoring Incentive opportunities for companies. This team monitors the support launched and, based on information from the companies' projects, makes the necessary adjustments, monitoring the application processes and the implementation of the projects. Our goal is to create a favorable environment that maximizes opportunities for companies to make investments in a sustainable way and successfully implement projects.

Collaboration protocol in specialized monitoring in the area of ​​incentives and community funds for Millennium bcp corporate customers.


It is in its final stage, and a remaining budget allocation of around 11,2 billion euros is planned for use by the end of 2023.


The Recovery and Resilience Plan which will be in force between 2021 and 2026 and which provides the amount of 16,6 billion euros.


New multi-annual framework for the period 2021-2027 – Portugal 2030 – which is expected to have a total budget allocation of €33,6 billion.

These three instruments represent a unique investment support opportunity for companies, accelerating their digital and climate transition.

Total budget allocation for the next decade of European funds


Investment areas:

Competitiveness and internationalization
Human capital
Social Inclusion and Employment
Sustainability and efficiency in the use of resources
Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

The 2014-2020 multiannual framework — Portugal 2020 — is running until 2023, and this is the current status:

It is based on the dimensions of Resilience, Climate Transition, and Digital Transition, and has the following components:


National Health Service€ 1m
Housing€ 2m
Social Answers833 M€
Culture243 M€
Capitalization and Business Innovation€ 2m
Qualifications and Skills€ 1m
Infrastructures615 M€
Forests690 M€
Hydraulic Management390 M€


Mar252 M€
Industry Decarbonization715 M€
Sustainable Bioeconomy145 M€
Energy Efficiency of Buildings243 M€
Capitalization and Business Innovation610 M€
Hydrogen and Renewables370 M€
Sustainable Mobility967 M€


Industry 4.0650 M€
Quality in Public Finances406 M€
Economic and Environmental Justice of business267 M€
More Efficient Public Administration578 M€
Digital School559 M€
based on the following 8 axes and respective strategic objectives:

Innovation and Knowledge

Ensure the conditions for business competitiveness and the development of the national scientific and technological base

Qualification, Training and Employment

Ensure the availability of human resources with the necessary qualifications for the process of national economic and social development and transformation

Demographic Sustainability

Stop population aging and ensure demographic sustainability

Energy and Climate Change

Ensure conditions for reducing energy dependence and for adapting territories to climate change

Economy of the Sea

Strengthen the strategic economic potential of the Economy of the Sea, ensuring environmental sustainability and marine resources

Competitiveness and cohesion of coastal territories

Ensure the economic dynamics and social and territorial cohesion of Atlantic urban systems

Competitiveness and cohesion of inland territories

Ensure the conditions for business competitiveness and the development of the national scientific and technological base


Promote competitive agricultural development with the enhancement of irrigation and definition of the forest reform strategy


Get to know the framework of your project in the incentives of community boards.

DFK FNWay Incentivos helps you to better understand the type of support available and that best suits your company's objectives, accompanying you in identifying the available funds, applying and implementing the project, ensuring its smooth execution and ensuring that it goes to meeting the goals it proposes.

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