Valuation by DFK

> Valuation by DFK

DFK provides a free
tool that allows you to evaluate your company.

Knowing the value of a company is strategic for its management. Being aware of your assessment allows you, alongside current day-to-day decisions, to make decisions involving strategic areas such as: investment options, prospects for mergers and acquisitions, obtaining financing, maintaining an informed and rigorous relationship with investors and shareholders, negotiating partnerships and joint ventures, or make informed decisions about business continuity or exit plans.

DFK has a team dedicated to M&A projects and specialized in company valuation, and recognizing the importance of this exercise, makes an evaluation tool available to the market in partnership with Valutico®.
This is a company evaluation platform often used by consultancy teams as one of the elements to support company evaluation, which DFK chose to make available to the market, due to the importance we recognize in this exercise.

Valuate your company now by answering a set of questions and obtain the value* of your company.

*company and business valuation range (enterprise value/equity value)

> Typical steps of the company evaluation process
> Company valuation methodologies


Asset Based Method
> Book Value Method

> Liquidation Value Method

> Replacement Value Method

Income Based Method
> Capitalization of Earning Method

> Discounted Free Cash Flow Method

Market Based Method
> Comparable Company Market Multiples Method

> Comparable Transaction Multiples Method

> Market Value Method (For Quoted Securities)

Other Methods
> Contigent Claim Valuation

> Price of Recent Investment Method

> Rule of Thumb

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