We Invest in People

Among its objectives, DFK  wishes to maximize the talent of its employees and offer each one the opportunity to identify, develop and enhance their skills within the organization, by integrating a highly qualified team and an excellent environment, working in different areas of activity in the context of auditing and consulting.

DFK offers the possibility of integration into the firm through a traineeship during the course of one’s degree or after the completion of this training period.

At DFK we have a model of career program based solely on the individual results achieved by each auditor and consultant.

At DFK there are no limits or restrictions imposed on professional development. There is, however, an annual evaluation system based solely on objective criteria that allows the performance and competence level of our employees to be determined in a completely transparent way.

Periodically, and according to proven ability, promotions are conducted in the structure of the firm, sharing responsibilities with the next generation of auditors and consultants. This promotion guarantees the regular and maximum professional development of our consultants.