November 02, 2017 | Tax


Deferment - Quarterly VAT and Social Security

Postponement of the period of quarterly VAT and Social Security Contributions

Deferral of quarterly VAT payment

The Decree-Law No. 99/2020, which establishes that in the current month of November 2020, the obligation to pay quarterly VAT, which has to be carried out by a taxable person classified as a micro, small and medium enterprise, can be fulfilled:

a) Until November 30, 2020; or

b) In three or six monthly installments, of an amount equal to or greater than (euro) 25, without interest.

Deferral of payment of Social Security contributions

Independent workers and employers in the private and social sectors classified as micro, small and medium-sized companies are entitled to extraordinary deferral of the payment of contributions for November and December 2020.

They can be paid in three or six equal and successive installments, without interest:

a) From July to September 2021;

b) From July to December 2021.

 Classification as a micro, small or medium enterprise must be carried out by certification of a chartered accountant or certified accountant.