November 02, 2017 | Tax Alert


Tax Alert 12 | Adjustment of the fiscal calendar and other flexible measures in complying with tax obligations

The Dispatch 351-2021 XXII, of the Assistant Secretary of State and for Fiscal Affairs (SEAAF), of November 10, which provides for the adjustment of the fiscal calendar of 2021/2022 and other measures of flexibility in the fulfillment of fiscal obligations, in the following terms:


  • The payment of VAT on periodic declarations to be delivered in November and December 2021 can be made, respectively, until November 30th and December 30th, 2021;


  • Periodic VAT returns, under the monthly regime, to be delivered from January to June 2022, can be submitted up to the 20th of each of these months;


  • Periodic VAT returns, under the quarterly regime, to be delivered in February and May 2022, can be submitted up to the 20th of each of these months;


  • Deliveries of the tax payable resulting from the periodic declarations referred to in the two previous points can be made up to the 25th of each of these months.


  • PDF invoices are considered electronic invoices for all purposes provided for in tax legislation, until 30 June 2022;


  • The communication of series of invoices is suspended in 2022;


  • The obligation to affix the unique document code (ATCUD) to invoices stay suspended in 2022, being merely optional.


  • The non-certification or late certification, by the certified accountant, of the limitation on payments on account of 2020 that has been subject to the application of fines will be decriminalized.

Other provisions

  • The Model 10 declaration can be submitted until February 25, 2022;


  • The reporting of inventories for 2021 will be carried out under the same terms as the communication for 2020 (communication structure) and the reporting of inventories valued will only be mandatory in 2023.


[This document is for information purposes only and does not dispense with the analysis of the legislation and assessment of its applicability to each specific situation. Therefore, we are not responsible for any decision made based on this information.]