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TAX ALERT 10 | “More Housing” Package – Tax changes

On October 6th, the Law No. 56 / 2023, which makes several legislative changes in the area of ​​housing – the so-called “More Housing” package.

This legislation introduces many relevant tax changes, which include, among others:

– Incentive for the transfer of local accommodation (AL) properties for rent, through exemption from IRS and IRC taxation of property income;

– Reduction in the IRS rate applicable to income arising from housing rentals;

– Changes to the IRS reinvestment regime;

– Revocation of IRS and IRC benefits related to urban rehabilitation;

– Changes to the IMT exemption regime for the acquisition of properties for resale;

– Increased IMI taxation on vacant buildings and dilapidated buildings located in areas of urban pressure and rustic buildings in a situation of abandonment;

– Creation of an extraordinary contribution on apartments in AL.

[This document is for information purposes only and does not dispense with the analysis of the legislation and assessment of its applicability to each specific situation. Therefore, we are not responsible for any decision made based on this information.]