28 Maio, 2021 | Life@DFK


reCenter Culture – New agency for investment in the Portuguese cultural sector

Try Design and DFK. The new agency for investment in the Portuguese cultural sector

The new agency for investment in the national Culture sector, reCenter Culture, a partner in the recovery of the country's economy and social sustainability, intends to actively contribute to the re-centering of the pillar of culture in Portuguese society, helping it to capture financial investment and giving it new skills in the area of ​​management, economics and communication, as well as new areas of intervention. This was the International Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development decreed by the United Nations, the same year as the development of the New European Bauhaus by the European Community, in a time of pandemic, the national culture sector suffers one of its greatest crises.

As part of the agency's official launch, we present a pro bono line of support to the cultural sector specific to the pandemic context, the SOS Culture 21, which seeks to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and relaunch the cultural sector, one of the sectors most affected by the current economic crisis. This line aims to maximize opportunities for European and national co-financing and contribute to the financial recovery of the national economy and its various sectors, in line with the strategy adopted by the European Commission for the financial capacity of public and private organizations in the States. Members.

Are part of this project, the try designYour and DFK. 

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