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We are living in exceptional times characterized by enormous uncertainty, and it is certain that in addition to the health crisis of Covid-19 disease, we may have to face in economic terms a great recession, probably the biggest of our lives, with very negative consequences for both companies and families.

In this context, given the current evidence, namely limited government support, major future challenges are expected for companies both in the first aid phase (April to June 2020) and in the economic recovery phase (from July 2020).

Under these circumstances and in view of the immense information on the subject and legislation on the extraordinary measures disclosed by the Government, it is up to us to share the information that in our opinion may help our clients and partners who need to be well advised on the impact that such information and measures may have on their companies.

In sharing this information, our commitment is to provide information and some useful guidelines in the management of companies in the following areas:

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Let us hope that the information we have selected for You may be useful to You.