10 Measures to accelerate your company’s liquidity

11/05/2020 – 10 Measures to accelerate your company’s liquidity

Exceptional times require exceptional measures, in particular the ability to plan on the basis of alternative scenarios, given the uncertainty that characterizes the current times.  For management to be able to plan and make decisions it is necessary that the financial information has the quality and fundamentally is processed in time.

Business doesn’t go bankrupt for lack of profit. It’s the lack of liquidity that kills them.

DFK’s 10 recommendations for you to control and improve your company’s liquidity flow are given below.

# 1 Follow cashflow daily – Cash is King

# 2 Exercise strict control over receivables

# 3 Review the invoicing process

# 4 Please note VAT refund claims

# 5 Check whether you can recover VAT on overdue or uncollectible credits 

# 6 Review the process of controlling the registration of invoices to suppliers

# 7 Proceed with the optimization of amounts payable to suppliers

# 8 Attention to inventory control

# 9 Optimize automated bank reconciliations process

# 10 Keep yourself informed about available cash support lines of credit