Future Career Report – Think Ahead

Our DFK International Partner, ACCA has published a report, Future-ready: accountancy careers in the 2020s, which reveals a number of trends signalling that the future can and should be bright for those whose careers are already in progress and for aspiring young professionals.
The report brings together ACCA’s global research over the last three years, additional desktop research, including a member survey and interviews conducted with finance leaders, HR professionals and recruitment specialists in key markets to understand how careers may transform.

It suggests that there is a golden opportunity for the profession to contribute to building sustainable and purposeful organizations.  ‘This imperative is at the heart of the future profession,’ says author Jamie Lyon. The report identifies a number of ‘career zones’ of opportunity where accountants can play a key role in supporting these ambitions.
Lyon envisages a future world of career transformation, where many individuals will have different types of roles during their working life, building more variable career paths rather than necessarily climbing the traditional vertical career ladder. ‘We will see more fluidity in terms of how people navigate across different types of activity,’ he says. ‘Roles are changing more quickly, and that is driving the need to develop new skills. That, in turn, is transforming the learning opportunities that are needed in the workplace.’ Click here to see full report