Junho 26, 2020 | Tax


VAT new submission deadlines

26/06/2020 - New deadlines for submission and payment of periodic declarations.

On June 24th, the order No. 229/2020-XXII, of the Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, was published, which set new deadlines for correction of previously submitted declarations, as well as new deadlines for submission of declarations and respective payment.

Order no. 153/2020-XXII determined that periodic VAT returns, to be delivered within the legal deadline provided for in paragraph 1 of article 41 of the VAT Code, for the period of March 2020, of the regime monthly and for the period from January to March 2020, of the quarterly regime, could be calculated based on the data contained in the E-Invoice, not requiring supporting documentation, namely reconciliations and physical documents, and the regularization of the situation should be carried out by replacement declaration, where appropriate.

It was also determined that the replacement of the periodic declarations that may be necessary could be carried out, without any additions or penalties, based on the entirety of the supporting documentation, provided that such replacement and respective payment or adjustment occurs during the month of August 2020.
The new order allows the procedure for replacing periodic VAT declarations and respective payment/settlement to be carried out until December 20 of the current year, without any additions or penalties.

  • New deadlines for submission of periodic VAT returns
    VAT returns for the May and June periods of the monthly regime can be submitted until July 17th and August 17th, respectively.
  • Declarations referring to the period from April to June of the quarterly regime can be submitted until August 22nd.
  • VAT payment term
    The delivery of the chargeable tax resulting from the above-mentioned periodic declarations can be made until the 25th of the respective month.