January 11, 2021 | News


Communication Inventories

Inventory communication your company

The deadline for making the inventory communication your company for the 2020 tax period.

If your company has organized accounting and is a natural or legal person with its head office or permanent establishment in Portuguese territory, it is legally obliged to communicate the inventory for the year that has just ended.

This communication will have to be made on the Finance Portal by the day 31 January 2021.

The file has the format xml and has the characteristics and structure defined by the Ordinance 2/2015 of January 6th.

We further clarify that this is an obligation of the Company's Management and that the failure to communicate within the legal deadline cannot be attributed to its Accountant.

Communication is done electronically through:

  • Creation and download of the inventory file;
  • Submission/import into e-invoice portal.

Please note: The companies NO stocks and required by law to communicate the Inventory, they do not need to prepare an empty file, but must declare on the e-invoice portal that they have no stock.