21 Maio, 2021 | Advisory


Post-pandemic: is your business ready?

Post-pandemic: is your business ready?

The COVID 19 pandemic forced immediate responses in terms of health and triggered a crisis in economic activity with unprecedented impacts and serious economic and social consequences on a global scale.

The measures adopted in Portugal and in other European countries had a direct impact on household consumption and on the activity of companies with the adoption of exceptional measures, namely to support liquidity and the maintenance of corporate jobs, seeking to minimize irreversible destruction of jobs, avoid the loss of productive capacity, also limiting the loss of family income. As a result of the imposition of strong restrictive measures, the support and exceptional measures implemented partially alleviated some families and companies, however, there is still damage to be assessed.

In this context and with a focus on companies, it is urgent to think about the present and create a new, preferably more resilient future.

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