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Support to Productive Innovation – Portugal 2020

Support to Productive Innovation – Portugal 2020

Prior registration of the competition

Community funds normally only finance investments initiated after the application date. There is a mechanism for the prior registration of aid applications that allows companies, in a context of market opportunities, to start investments, either in works or in the acquisition of equipment, even before the tender opens. Pre-applications are open until the publication of the official notice of competition.

In dispute for this support are usually the largest and most sophisticated investment projects, whether in factories, machines and other projects that contribute to the diversification and innovation of production lines for goods and services capable of generating greater added value for the Portuguese economy.

See here the form of the Support to Productive Innovation – Portugal 2020.

DFK established a partnership with FNWAY in the area of ​​incentives, which resulted in DFK FNWAY Incentivos which provides a team to frame your investment project within the scope of this competition or others that may arise in due course.

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