Junho 29, 2022 | Advisory, News


DFK 2-20 | Tax Incentive to Recovery

On the 6th of July at 10 am, another session of the DFK 2-20, an online event that has a presentation of about 20 minutes and a brief summary of about 2 minutes with the main topics on the same subject.

the session of July 6th at 10 am will be about the Tax incentive for recovery.

The State Budget for 2022 introduces a new tax benefit in terms of IRC, the Tax Incentive to Recovery (IFR). This is a tax benefit applicable to investments made from July 1, 2022.

Despite some similarities with the Extraordinary Tax Credit to Investment II (CFEI II), launched in 2020, there are particularities to be aware of. Therefore, we propose in this session to present the main features of this new benefit and answer some of the most recurring questions that are beginning to arise regarding its implementation.