5 Maio, 2022 | Advisory, Audit, DFK, News, Tax


DFK 2-20 Tax Benefits

It is with great pleasure that DFK launches a new information and knowledge format for companies, the DFK 2-20. These are online events that feature a presentation of about 20 minutes on topics of importance to organizations and whose themes can touch different dimensions of management and the day-to-day of managers. After the sessions, a brief summary of about 2 minutes with the main topics on the same subject will also be available on our online platforms.

Due to the topicality of the topic, we will start in the next Thursday, May 12th at 10 amWith the DFK 2-20 Tax Benefits.

register here to receive the invitation by email with the link to participate in the session.

The deadline for submitting the IRC tax return for the year 2021 is approaching. It is time to revisit the main tax benefits available to ensure that every opportunity is taken advantage of. In this brief session we will present the main tax benefits, relevant investments, eligibility criteria and declarative and ancillary obligations. It will also be an opportunity for participants to clarify doubts and share their experiences.