February 20, 2024 | Advisory, News, Tax


DFK 2-20 | Tax Benefits – 2023 IRC deduction – SIFIDE and RFAI

A DFK 20-2 session took place on February 20th, an online event that features a presentation of around 20 minutes and a brief summary of around 2 minutes with the main topics on the same subject.

There are a set of tax benefits that can still be taken advantage of for the 2023 financial year.

One of these is SIFIDE – System of Tax Incentives in Business RTD, which allows up to 82,5% of costs to be recovered from activities that could be classified as research and development carried out in 2023. Another of these incentives is RFAI – Tax Support Regime of Investment, support that allows you to deduct investments made in tangible fixed assets (such as land, buildings or equipment used for the company's operation) and intangible assets, benefiting from a deduction from IRC collection of up to 30% of relevant applications, depending on the location of the investment.

The session on February 20th was dedicated to SIFIDE and RFAI as Tax Benefits with deduction from the 2023 IRC.

See in DFK Portugal Youtube the recording of the session and consult the presentation support section of this same session.