Audit & Assurance

Focusing on the client, and the increasing requirements of companies, DFK, through the company DFK & Associados, SROC, Lda, registered in the Portuguese Institute of
Statutory Auditors (OROC) with No149 and CMVM, under No. 20161460, offers among other, statutory audit, account auditing and related services. It has a team of high level professional staff, and its partners registered in the OROC. With specific skills, experience and tools, they seek, on a daily basis, to exceed expectations in preparing and issuing reports and audit opinions, in particular through support in the implementation of best administrative, control and accounting practices.

The main services provided in this area are:

– Audit and Statutory Audit

– Procedures and Internal Control Review

– Internal Audit

– Due Diligence Services

– Other Reliability Assurance Services

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