25 Maio, 2020 | Tax


AT - Tax benefits for families and businesses in the interior

05/2020 | Interior Tax Guide – Tax benefits for families and businesses

To respond to demographic challenges and contribute to the reduction of inequalities and regional asymmetries, the Government adopts an integrated strategy to enhance the interior territories. Among the various fields of action, measures that: i) contribute to reversing current demographic trends are fundamental to the affirmation of these territories, namely by promoting the settlement of families and the installation or expansion of companies; ii) enable the establishment of economic development focuses, create jobs, help to diversify and qualify the productive fabric and promote greater entrepreneurial capacity. In this sense, the Government has developed an ambitious plan for the interior territories – the Interior Enhancement Program -, recently revised, with dozens of multi-sectoral measures, programs and structural projects, organized according to four priority axes: Axis 1 – Valuing Endogenous Resources and the Entrepreneurial Capacity of the Interior; Axis 2 – Promote Cross-Border Cooperation for the Internationalization of Goods and Services; Axis 3 – Capture Investment and Fix People in the Interior; and Axis 4 – Making the Interior Territories More Competitive. Among other measures, the following stand out: o +CO3SO program, with emphasis in this area on the strands +CO3SO Employment, +CO3SO Knowledge, +CO3SO Digital and +CO3SO Benefits and also the "Working in the Interior" Program. These programs are based on a comprehensive vision of sustainable development for the interior territories.

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